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The Amiga Future 150 was released on the May 4th.

The Amiga Future 150 was released on the May 4th.
The Amiga Future 150 was released on the May 4th.

The Amiga Future 150 was released on the May 4th.
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Amiga Future subscription campaign for more pages

Published 07.05.2021 - 10:03 by AndreasM

An Amiga Future issue currently has 52 (+4) pages.
+4 means that we temporarily have four additional pages in each issue due to the amount of advertisements.

However, we generally want to increase the number of pages in the Amiga Future in order to have more space for editorial content.
There is more than enough for testing. We only need the space for it and of course a few editors and translators as well. [...]
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Amiga Future 150 and so on

Published 06.05.2021 - 14:15 by AndreasM

Issue 150 of Amiga Future was published on May 5, 2021.
At first glance, many readers may now think that we have actually 25 years of printing the magazine under our belt.
However, that's not entirely true, as the first issue of Amiga Future magazine was number 11, yes really!

So, it will still take a while for the Amiga Future magazine to reach 25 years of age, but we are well on our way there. :) [...]
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ham_convert 1.8.2 released

Published 06.05.2021 - 12:33 by AndreasM

ham_convert released in the Version 1.8.2.


* Fixed non-ordered dithering bug (all non-sliced modes other than Amiga 2-256 color indexed). [...]
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Games That Werent: Rollerbabes

Published 06.05.2021 - 12:32 by AndreasM

Games That Werent write:

We’d not long been greeted by the wonderful Speedball 2, when Mirrorsoft were keen to release yet another futuristic sports game in the form of Rollerblades in late 1991.

vlink 0.16h relesed

Published 06.05.2021 - 12:30 by AndreasM

vlink released in the Version 0.16h.


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Games-Coffer: 8 Amiga Music Mods Added

Published 06.05.2021 - 11:58 by AndreasM

8 Amiga Music Modules have been added today, they are as follows:

New Year 1994, Without Buttocks, Fullmoon Rock, Dancing Flames, By The Coast, 1992, Know What To Say and Illusions.

Amiga Future issue 150 released

Published 04.05.2021 - 11:36 by AndreasM

The English and German issue 150 (May/June 2021) of the print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from the editorial office of Amiga Future, and the other Amiga dealers that stock the magazine.

Mag Content:

Interview Hubo Labrande (Tristam Island) [...]
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MediaVault 1.0.0 released

Published 02.05.2021 - 13:59 by AndreasM

walkero write on

One of my latest projects got the first release and you can download it and try it. MediaVault is an open source desktop application, for AmigaOS 4, which can be used to discover online radio stations. The selected radio station can be streamed using a player, i.e. AmigaAmp 3.

When Mediavault is started at the top of the window there are a few fields that can be used to discover radio station based on their name, genre, country and spoken language. By clicking on "Discover" button a list of relevant radio stations will show up. [...]
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New articles on Obligement

Published 02.05.2021 - 13:57 by AndreasM

The following articles have been added to the website of the Amiga magazine Obligement ( ) during the last two months:

- March/April 2021 news.
- Old articles from Joystick 19 to 21: Review of Adrenalynn, Review of Mad TV, Review of Pit-Fighter, Report: Computer Entertainment Show 1991, Interview with David Jones, Review of The Blues Brothers, News: Two new future hits from Bullfrog, Review of Wildwheels, Review of Death Knights Of Krynn, Review of Charge Of The Light Brigade, etc.
- Interview with Claude Schwarz (PiStorm). [...]
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Games That Werent: Metal Gear

Published 02.05.2021 - 13:56 by AndreasM

It was announced in January 2021 about an unofficial conversion of the MSX classic Metal Gear to the Amiga – very nearly complete, and should see some kind of release very soon. However, there was also an official conversion in the works way back in 1990, courtesy of Ultra Games.