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The Amiga Future 158 will be released on the 5th September.

The Amiga Future 158 will be released on the 5th September.
The Amiga Future 158 will be released on the 5th September.

The Amiga Future 158 will be released on the 5th September.
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RETURN 51 - come get some

Published 22.11.2022 - 08:27 by AndreasM

RETURN magazine writes:

Come get some!

26 years ago, in January 1996, a 2D game entered the third dimension and attracted attention with cool gameplay and crude humor. Duke Nukem 3D wasn't really a 3D game at all - which didn't stop fans of the first-person shooter genre from supporting the Duke in his fight against the aliens who want to kidnap our women with crude sayings.

50 years of Atari - it's already been half a century since a small company in California founded an industry that would one day be worth billions a few decades later. Starting with Pong and Computer Space to the home computers and game consoles for which games are still being developed today: Our report Graphic Adventure on the VCS enters its 2nd part in this issue, and for Atari's last console, the Jaguar, a new game, Gravitic Mines, has recently been released, which we also take a close look at.

For the friends of the Commodore 64 we have a little sensation ready: The dungeon crawler Eye of the Beholder has been implemented pixel-perfectly. And with Shadows of Sergoth, a dungeon RPG has also been released for the Amiga, which we take a closer look at. Other new games for C16, Plus/4 and the Game Boy are tested in the issue, we look at the arcade games Rolling Thunder and Crazy Taxi, and much more.


Come get some: Duke Nukem 3D
50 years Atari
Demake for the C64: Eye Of The Beholder
Zapped through XL: Woman power!
MiSTer - The little wonder box
Shootin' 64 Part 3: Third-Person-Shooter
Retro collections for the modern systems
Graphic-Adventure on the VCS - Part 2
New and pixelated: TMNT - Shredder's Revenge
The Shadows of Sergoth (Amiga)
Gravitic Mines (Atari Jaguar)
New for C16 and Plus/4: Lykia
RETURN to play XBox
Arcade classic: Rolling Thunder
Crossover: Crazy Taxi
and many more themes ... inzelheft/

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