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The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.

The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.
The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.

The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.
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Amiga Future 167 Preview online

Published 24.02.2024 - 16:07 by AndreasM

These comprise of the full colour preview and excerpts of our Amiga Future issue 167 (March/April 2024) which can also be viewed online on the Amiga Future website.

Some of the interesting articles in this issue are:

Show Report Passione Amiga Day 2023
Interview Michael Kafke (ASM Game)
Preview Jari-Matti Rally
Review The last Dungeon
Review Adventure 1 & 2
Review Jack the Pit
Review Spheroid
Review Ami-H.E.R.O.
Review Stuntman Seymour
Review Board Game vs Amiga: Darts
Review FS-UAE 3.1
Review Frotz
Review Santa´s Workout III - Silent Night
Review Denise – ITX Amiga 500
Review Super Delivery Boy: The Holiday Shift
Review Amiblaster Clockport Edition
Review Pi Storm #2
Review Book PHP 8 and MySQL
Demoscene: Soil, Knight Chips
Workshop: Dynamic websites with PHP

Of course there's actually so MUCH more in the magazine.

Needless to say you will often get other versions of software, some of which were commercially available, as well as some of the latest try-outs or freely released software applications and games for, hopefully, every Amiga variant of Operating system, so that's Amiga 'Classic', OS4, MorphOS, and AROS, including some PD software for these systems, all on the Readers' cover CD.

A detailed description of the varied content and excerpts of our current issue can be found at: app.php/kb/index?c=13

The Amiga Future magazine is available both as an English and German printed magazine - each issue is printed in FULL COLOUR - directly available from our magazine editorial office and from various other Amiga dealers.

Important Notice!

All our Amiga Future subscribers should check that both your current postal and email addresses for you are correct that has been supplied by you to us.
The Amiga Future gets packed and shipped a few days prior to its actual release date. So, we need any change/correction to your address to be passed to us before we dispatch it, and in any case as soon as possible.
Bear in mind that: Usually requests to forward on mail will not be handled with such mail items, i.e. magazines!

We also ask that you check that your subscription fee(s) are current and up to date, i.e. already been paid, as some, in fact quite a few, subscription fees are still not currently fully paid.

Preview: app.php/kb/index?c=13

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