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The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.

The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.
The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.

The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.
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AmiBerry preview-v6.2.0

Published 26.02.2024 - 01:32 by AndreasM


Use path-type config file line save method.
SX32Pro can support 128M RAM, fix memory mapping.
"Warp mode reset" on the fly change wasn't recognized
Fixed GUI->Chipset->Chipset Extra dropdown not being updated correctly
Revert Vsync option effect: only affect internal emulation state
ensure keyboard keys are released when pressing Alt-Tab
Ignore Alt-Tab if used to release focus
Fix tablet mode mouse button random mouse movements.
fixed memory leak in calc
Fixed exe in DF0: turbo mode activation
Save DraCo nvram file only if in DraCo mode
ALG Mad Dog McCree v1C holster event special case
Reduce LDP ACK delay. It was far too long. (Picmatic Zorton Brothers hang fix)
Fix 68040 MMU MOVES special case
68060 custom register byte write bug emulation fix
Fixed GUI RTG Hardware sprite option wouldn't be enabled when it should be
Fixed some RTG options could not be applied if changed from the GUI (only when loaded from configs)
Make sure the FloppyBridgeAPI driver list is empty, before we (re)populate it (#1106)
Fixed mouse drift when using RTG hardware sprite
Fixed absolute mouse movement did not scale correctly in Single line mode
Fixed Status Line positioning, when Auto/Manual Crop was used


History list paths now follow relative/absolute path mode.
DraCo updates from WinUAE
Make sure disk track is always reloaded.
Increase AUDxPER if it is really low after sample has looped
Improve Auto-Crop feature accuracy
BLTCON0L writes are always safe
Non-CE mode SPRxPOS/CTL/DATx mid screen modification stability fix
Small sprite optimization
Wait until last line is complete before finishing it.
Harddrive limit bumped to 50, check limit.
Quickstart disk image/executable, insert in harddrives if archive with multiple executables.
Add delay between LD reply bytes
Option to force (unconnected) floppy data line high.
ALG Marbella Vice needs LD Frame # Mode command.
Force floppy data pullup = high if ALG mode.
Overscan+ HBSTRT parameter calculation fix (relative to endhpos)
Better NTSC vertical positioning in normal overscan mode.
Genlock positioning/scaling fixes. Manual offset config entries added.
ALG/Picmatic emulation updates.
ALG LD status info update.
CIA E-clock mode on the fly change support
Only show "OCS Denise blanking bug" black lines in Overscan+ or higher.
Genlock adjustable blanking support, fix scaling.
Hide the very last OCS-only line if mode is not at least Overscan+
Disk swapper: insert new image in cursor position, allow multiple identical images, fix removal cursor position.
GFX rewrite: separate windows for GUI and emulation screen (like WinUAE does)
Fixed Borderless screen mode change of the fly didn't work
Fixed support for HighGFX modes
Fixed LowRes and SuperHighRes scaling
Added Always on Top options to Misc panel in GUI
Fixed Navigation in Misc panel
Added new option in amiberry.conf file: single_window_mode (to use the old behavior)
Improve Help Text in RTG panel (GUI)

Build System

added missing extra dependencies in Brewfile
don't force ld gold in all platforms (fixes #1213)
upgrade upload-artifact action to v4
fixed deprecated download-artifact step
fix make clean for mt32emu


minor cleanup
Sound autoswitch off by default
Added Manual Crop option, as an alternative to AutoCrop
The previous options for Width/Height will now affect Manual Crop, instead of the window size.
The Horizontal / Vertical Offset values are now affected by the Manual Crop settings automatically, to help center the picture.
Adapted WHDBooter parsing to make the XML settings still work with the new Manual Crop settings
Don't use OpenGL for the GUI as well, when using the OpenGL version ... iew-v6.2.0

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