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The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.

The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.
The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.

The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.
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AMIGIFT 2.0 PRE-Release

Published 02.07.2007 - 11:46 by AndreasM

A new PRE-Release from AMIGIFT 2.0 are online.


* Being a new pre-release archive to be released (or released as you
read this), we have added some code which check for the file time of
the default MUI config giFTMui uses, so that if it was created
previously than the 1 of June it will be automatically deleted on
startup, according to the changes made the last month which has made
this a requeriment by the new structure of mui's objects. Hence,
remember you'll need to reconfigure giFTMui almost from scratch on
the first run, for the daemon and plugins part you can just use
'Read From Disk ALL', from the settings menu, if you wish to keep
your previous settings, and next save the settings from the same
menu or dont forget to enable 'save settings on exit' switch ...
In the other hand, if you want to use a clean installation (which
recommended, by just extracting the archive somewhere and double
click the giFTMui icon, - you can still use your incoming and
completed folders), for a quick-start all you have to do, BEFORE
the daemon is launched, is selecting the networks you wish to
connect to, and then use 'Save To Disk ALL' from the settings menu
(the default settings for everything should fit most users), and
you'll be able to connect to the network(s) in a few minutes.
Look at the AMIGIFT.readme file for more info!

* ShareMonkey ( have been implemented
into giFTMui! ShareMonkey is a WEB Service which allows users to
locate where to buy legally any of those files you'll find from
the various p2p networks. Theres a new context-menu option to the
transfers and results lists, "Where is this file from?", when you
use it you'll be redirected to the website which will show you
quickly any product matching the filename, filesize, and/or
filehash. NOTE: you need to have installed openurl.library!
I want to give the Thanks to Keiron Waites for his great support
and efforts in making the ShareMonkey website compatible with
IBrowse, currently the website was using Ajax and CSS, but Keiron
kindly allowed us to upload a php (wrapper) script which makes the
site perfectly working from our AmigaOS Browser(s).

* Samir Hawamdeh updated his catalog (time record, thanks Samir!),
so that Italian users can enjoy the whole amigift interface on its
natural language.

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