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The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.

The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.
The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.

The Amiga Future 144 was released on the May 4th.
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Amiga Future: New Full Versions Online

Published 04.06.2007 - 11:14 by AndreasM

Due to the fact that some issues of the Amiga Future have been sold out in the meantime we have put new full versions for free download on the Amiga Future homepage.

You can download them at:

We look for someone who wants to take care of the downloads section of the Amiga Future. In fact it is about writing system requirements and small descriptions for each software package in German and English. [...]
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Lemonamiga: 144 new games online

Published 04.06.2007 - 10:42 by AndreasM

The Lemmonamiga Database was updatet. Infos for 144 Games are new online.

Jabberwocky Update released

Published 04.06.2007 - 10:41 by AndreasM

Jabberwocky released in the Version 1.7.

  • Changed some MUI includes to be consistant with the rest of the Jabberwocky sourcecode files.
  • Updated copyright notice in catalog files. Updated several string definitions in Italian catalog translation file.
  • Added workaround for OS4 network includes conflict with clib2 network includes. The files & file structure of clib2 network includes are now different than those defined in the Amiga OS4 includes.
  • Disabled vapor_toolkit.library check in the MorphOS build. Latest MorphOS ships without this lib. MUI4 has its own TextInput.mcc and does not use this lib.
  • Unused variables removed from sources.
  • Eliminated unused includes.
  • Added OS4 socket library open/close since bsdsocket.library is not longer automatically opened by standard libauto.
  • Added patched muimaster.h include file required for 68k Jabberwocky compile.
  • Updated makefile and includes for new OS4 SDK.
  • Changed constant definitions for XML ID strings to make them easier to identify in the Jabberwocky source.
  • Added ID attribute to version (jabber:iq:version) requests and responses for the benifit of other Jabber clients (like Exodus) that rely on the ID attributes to identify Jabber iq requests.
  • Added new functions to retrieve Jabber server agent list using service discovery methods.
  • Added functions to obtain agent information from Jabber server with service discovery methods.
  • Added new constant definitions and function prototype in support of service discovery methods for obtaining Jabber server agent information.
  • Added ID attribute to agent registration XML.
  • Made numerous changes to sources in order to implement SASL authentication required by some new Jabber servers.
  • Changed size check in console logger to use size sent in the call.
  • Changed size for connection checks to 2 since at least one server is sending 2 spaces for the checks.
  • Added several defines to support SASL authentication.
  • Added Jabber namespace definitions not included in Iksemel library.
  • Removed unused MSG_CHAT constant and moved MSG_READ constant.
  • Added return value of IKS_HOOK to receive function so Jabberwocky can tell if stream:features is being received following initial connect header.
  • Fixed long standing bug that can cause 68k Jabberwocky enforcer hit or crash.
  • Updated header files for use with new Iksemel library.
  • Updated Jabberwocky main sources for use with new Iksemel library.
  • Numerous changes in return values and function names were made.
  • Updated Iksemel library to latest released version and added necessary Amiga modifications.

AmiKit 1.3.5 UPDATE package available

Published 04.06.2007 - 10:39 by AndreasM

A new update is available through AmiKit Live Update. It contains recently updated datatypes and other software, including a new version of TKPlayer with skin support!


- ADDED:      id3tag library 5.6 by David Mevius [...]
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New Ports for MorphOS released

Published 04.06.2007 - 10:38 by AndreasM

Matthias Münch release some new Ports for MorphOS:

mICQ 0.5.3
bftpd 1.9
pure-ftpd 1.0.21 [...]
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SView5 Udpate released

Published 04.06.2007 - 10:38 by AndreasM

SView5 released in the Version 2.28.

New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 04.06.2007 - 10:36 by AndreasM

diskimage_device.lha dri/sto 52.7 85kb 03 Jun 07 ¤ Disk image device (adf, adz, dms, ipf, iso)
vor.lha gam/act 0.5.3 782kb 03 Jun 07 ¤ A great Rock Dodger variant.
brikx.lha gam/puz 5Mb 03 Jun 07 ¤ A puzzle game, connect the blocks
sdltetris.lha gam/puz 954kb 03 Jun 07 ¤ Yet another so-so Tetris clone.
scummer.lha gam/uti Beta5 148kb 03 Jun 07 ¤ Reads and display images from LucasArts games. [...]
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New Aminet Uploads

Published 04.06.2007 - 10:36 by AndreasM

NSLookup-nicomen.lha 1.0 comm/net 37 3K Look up IP addresses and hostnames
fileIO.lha 1.1 dev/basic 49 8K OS friendly file I/O functions for Blitz
TotalChaosAGAr6.lha 6.43 game/strat 4170 77M Magic & Monsters turn-based Strategy
SView5.lha 2.28 gfx/misc 3288 2.9M SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
arcem_os4.lha 1.10+CVS 03... misc/emu 22 578K Acorn Archimedes A400 emulator [...]
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WHDLoad: New packages online

Published 03.06.2007 - 12:33 by AndreasM

02.06.07 fixed: All Terrain Racing Xmas (Team 17) various fixes, now works with winuae
02.06.07 new: TrianGO (California Dreams) done by Psygore

MMKeyboard, Meridian, IRCom and IRComRemote Update

Published 03.06.2007 - 12:32 by AndreasM

MMKeyboard release in the Version 3.26.

Meridian release in the Version 2.24,

IRCom release in the Version 2.12 and IRComRemote in the Version 2.12 are now online. [...]
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