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The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.

The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.
The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.

The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.
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MakeCD Update erschienen

Published 26.08.2002 - 06:58 by AndreasM

Von MakeCD ist die Version 3.2d beta 10 erschienen.

MakeCD 3.77 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)

ReadWrite.module 16.0 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
SCSISupport.module 15.1 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CDR_JVC_Teac.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CDR_Panasonic.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CDR_Philips_2000.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CDR_Philips_2600.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CDR_Plextor_Ricoh.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CDR_Ricoh_6200.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CDR_SCSI3_ATAPI.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CDR_Sony.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CDR_Yamaha_10x.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CD_ATAPI.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CD_NEC.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CD_ROM.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CD_Sony_Plextor.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)
CD_Toshiba.driver 14.5 public beta 10 (Aug 24 2002)

  • added recognition of Yamaha CRW2100E, CRW2100S, CRW2200E, CRW3200E, CRW3200S, Plextor PX-W2410A, PX-W4012A
  • added workaround for mode 2 writing in TAO and DAO to an especially picky CD-Writer+ 9100
  • several HP CD-Writers required MAKECD_WRITE_MODE2_MIXED_DAO as tooltype to write mode 2 in DAO; this flag is now built into the driver
  • add MAKECD_NO_WRITE_SPEED_CONTROL to the tooltypes to force a writer to use a higher speed with discs it doesn't know; WARNING: this can lead to errors during writing and/or read errors on the written disc, use with care
  • removed global test mode setting; it was only used for simulated erasing/fixating and more often than not just confused users
  • Added support for new V45 makecdromfs.module with Joliet and HFS support and extended file list; old V11 makecdromfs.module is still supported. This new makecdromfs.module is not quite ready for release, but I have seen it - it's no vaporware! ;-) It will be made available as soon as it is ready.
Known problems:
  • The MAKECD_ATAPI flag required for unknown Yamaha drives with SCSI bridge prevents recognizing Mode 2 tracks in SCSI CD-ROM drives.
  • Sony (and thus probably some HP drives) don't allow "Session Fixation" in DAO if at least one track is a data track. Use "Disc Fixation" if you get SCSI errors before writing starts. Also writing in DAO to a non-empty disc doesn't seem to be supported. Use TAO instead.
  • Some ATAPI drives cannot handle large chunks, e.g. the HP 9310i crashes when chunks larger than 128KB are used. Use smaller chunks, 64KB should be safe.
  • Teac 56S: PSX copies don't work when done in DAO; please use TAO instead.
  • Teac 50S: discs with data + audio tracks cannot be written in DAO (writing fails with error code $5/$CC). As the documentation shows, it is simply not supported by the firmware.
  • Panasonic 7502 V4.10: audio subcodes are incorrectly written in one case, but others were not able to reproduce this. Solution: avoid indices and index pauses if you have this problem, this works. To achieve this, set the "default index pause" to 0 in the "Copy CD" window and disable index scanning.
  • Remaining time during writing is sometimes completely wrong due to the way this estimation is done. That's just the way it works.
  • JVC XR-W2010 V1.51: ISRC/Medium Catalog Number are not supported, therefore errors when trying to use them are silently ignored. At least the Philips CDD2600 always only sees the first session of a DAO-CD-R written with JVC XR-W2010 V1.51, even though "Fixate: Session" was used and other drives (JVC itself, Yamaha CDR100) find the next session(s). Could only be fixed by JVC or Philips.
  • Before closing the write window MakeCD hangs on some systems. This is caused by the filesystem that MakeCD locked to get exclusive access to the hardware. Don't mount filesystems on your writer or unmount them before using MakeCD.
  • The Sony 928E sometimes returns garbage values when reading the contents of a CD with the CD writer specific commands. This doesn't happen when the standard commands are used, so the CD_ATAPI driver should be used for reading from the Sony 928E.
  • workaround for mode 2 (2336 bytes) reading problems: Some drives deliver invalid data with this block size (Sony 928E), others report checksum errors although they shouldn't use the checksums (Plextor PX-20TS). In both cases reading raw data still works, so now MakeCD can read mode 2 tracks raw and throws away the unnecessary bytes if necessary. This workaround is enabled only for the Sony 928E, but not for any other drive, because some drives might read raw data slower and the additional processing requires more CPU time. On slow computers with fast drives the computer might perhaps even appear to be locked. If your drive has similar problems you can enable this workaround by creating the environment variable "MAKECD_READ_MODE2_RAW" (e.g. with "setenv MAKECD_READ_MODE2_RAW=1"). Please tell Patrick if your drive only reads mode 2 properly with this workaround.
  • Panasonic 7501: writing mode 2 fails with an error. As I haven't found a way around that mode 2 in spite of several different attempts this will stay this way, i.e. writing mode 2 will never be supported by CDR_Panasonic.driver.
  • Triton has some problems when you keep the cursor keys pressed to move within a listview: it might cause MakeCD to open windows. It also doesn't calculate the width of the data mode gadget correctly.
  • Ricoh MP6200S (V1.00): doesn't support medium catalog number in DAO, swallows ISRC of first audio track in DAO
  • The amount of free blocks is not perfectly correct, because writers report different values depending on what was already written. Sometimes gaps are included and sometimes not. This causes an inaccuracy of upto 3 seconds. The end of CD-R check is not affected, though.
  • The Ricoh MP6200S doesn't simulate formating. Therefore MakeCD doesn't issue the formating command at all if test mode is enabled.
  • Writing audio with preemphasize is not possible with CDR400 (upto V1.0d). Yamaha didn't respond to my bug report, so I implemented a fallback to normal audio.
  • Yamaha CDR400 sometimes panics after a buffer underrun and doesn't stop writing. Yamaha could not help with this problem yet.
  • Ricoh 1420 sometimes doesn't read contents properly. Exact reason/solution unknown, but turning disconnect off and SCSI bus reset help.
  • dracoscsi.device SCSI direct still doesn't work properly. You must have enough free memory in your first memory module or a 32MB module in the first socket, otherwise the dracoscsi.device will fail and probably cause crashes or read errors. The same rules apply to every other software doing SCSI direct.

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