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The Amiga Future 149 will be released on the 5th March.

The Amiga Future 149 will be released on the 5th March.
The Amiga Future 149 will be released on the 5th March.

The Amiga Future 149 will be released on the 5th March.
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New Lemon Amiga Webpage online

Published 11.01.2021 - 20:36 by AndreasM

You know what? A brand new and greatly improved Lemon Amiga website has just been launched!

Who would have expected this to happen? ;) It's been an amazing 15+ years since I built the Lemon Amiga website and a lot has happened since then, both technically and in life in general.

To sum it up, all I wanted to say is - check out the new Lemon Amiga website and enjoy.

Keep retro gaming,
Kim Lemon

So, what's new?


- Responsive mobile-first design, while still keeping the classic 2004 feel.
- Taking advantage of 4K/Retina displays.


- Added playable MP3 game music for 1732 games.
- Type-sensitive live game search.
- Improved Advanced games search.
- Modern screenshot slider with swipe on touch devices.
- Support for hires 640x512 screenshots.
- All intro videos are now lossless WebM with MP4 fallback for Safari (OS X/iPhone/iPad).
- Now using AJAX for improved multitasking. Rate, comment, watch video, listen to music, etc on the same page without interruption.
- Game Top- and Worstlists can now be filtered by category.
- A new WYSIWYG review editor.
- Tightly integrated all LemonTube video reviews into the games pages.
- Better logic for position of elements on games pages.
- Users rating is now next to users comment.
- Now showing WHDLoad installer author and date.
- Now showing review scores (graphics, music, playability, overall) directly on games page.


- Upgraded from phpBB 2.0 to 3.3
- Improved the phpBB site integration with login and profile option in the top right corner.
- User actions (votes, comments, favourites, originals, completed games, reviews etc.) are now visible in the users forum profile

General improvements

- SSL certificate and forced https
- All code has been modernized and large parts have been re-written from scratch.
- Moved to Digital Ocean cloud servers and upgraded to PHP 7.4.
- Added Schema/Open Graph data to games and reviews to display more interesting snippets in search engines and social media.
- Removed all dead links in the Links section
- Overall clean-up and revision of content by updating or removing obsolete information.

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