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The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
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WHDLoad: Neue Pakete online

Published 11.04.2020 - 15:04 by AndreasM

WHDLoad ist ein Programm mit dem Amiga Spiele und Demos die nur auf Diskette verfügbar waren, auf Festplatte installiert werden können.

Dazu werden sogenannte Installations-Pakete benötigt sowie die Original-Disketten der jeweiligen Software.

Die Installations-Pakete können unter der URL kostenlos geladen werden.

Folgende Pakete sind seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzu gekommen:

Heimdall - [improved] - (Core Design) supports another version, protection removed, fixed music & sound for fast CPUs - Info
Castle Warrior - [improved] - (Delphine Software) quitkey for 68000, 68020 restriction removed, trainer added - Info
Aquatic Games - [improved] - (Millennium) quitkey for 68000, less chip memory used, new imager - Info
Tower Of Souls / Der Seelenturm - [improved] - (Black Legend) supports another version, access fault fixed, game speed regulation added, improved savegame support, cpu-dependent loop fixed, self-modifying code fixed - Info
Oscar - [improved] - (Flair Software) support for OCS version added, fixes main sprite glitch fixed - Info
Vac-Suit Jack (Demo) - [new] - (Mutation Software) done by StingRay - Info - Image
Valhalla - Before The War - [improved] - (Vulcan) supports another version - Info
Curse of Ra - [updated] - (Rainbow Arts) install script fixed - Info
Flight Of The Amazon Queen - [improved] - (Renegade) reduced chip memory usage - Info
Curse of Ra - [updated] - (Rainbow Arts) removed debug mode, uses less chip memory - Info
Dance War - [new] - (Humans) done by StingRay - Info - Image
Formula 1 3D - [new] - (Simulmondo) done by StingRay - Info
I Play 3D Soccer - [new] - (Simulmondo) done by StingRay - Info
Spirilon - [new] - (Zephyr Studio) done by StingRay - Info
Oscar - [improved] - (Flair Software) option added to jump with blue/second button, trainers added - Info
Final Fight - [improved] - (Capcom) added quitkey for 68000 machines - Info
4D Sports Boxing - [updated] - (Mindscape) reenabled fast memory - Info
News URL:
News Source: WHDLoad
News Source URL:
News posted by: AndreasM

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