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The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.

The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.
The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.

The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.
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WHDLoad: New packets online

Published 27.03.2021 - 13:22 by AndreasM

WHDLoad is a program for loading disk games and demos installed on a hard-disk.

Thus, you need the so-called install packs and the original disks.

The install packs can be downloaded here:

The following packs have been added since our last news update:

Katakis - [improved] - (Factor 5) SMC removed, new icon and install script - Info - Image
Hologon - [updated] - (The Electronic Knights) compatibility improved - Info - Image
Ivanhoe - [improved] - (Ocean) time trainer fixed, blitwaits switchable, highscore saving added - Info
Denaris - [improved] - (Factor 5) intro fixed, new icon and install script - Info
Cool World - [improved] - (Ocean) uses fast memory, trainer added, highscore saving added, manual and icons added, new install script - Info
Nitro - [improved] - (Psygnosis) RawDIC imager, manual included - Info - Image
Tom And Jerry - [new] - (Magic Bytes) done by CFOU! - Info
Tom And Jerry - [new] - Hunting High And Low</a> - (Magic Bytes) done by CFOU! - [url=]Info
Streetfighter - [improved] - (Capcom) supports another version - Info
Gemini Wing - [improved] - (Sales Curve) 68000 quitkey, kickemu used, splash options added, new icon and install script - Info
Galactic Warrior Rats - [fixed] - (Summit Software) incorrect keyboard patch (introduced in V1.2) fixed - Info
Ivanhoe - [improved] - (Ocean) 68000 quitkey, trainer added, new icon and install script - Info
4D Sports Driving - [improved] - (Mindscape) fixed graphical errors and long delay on race ending - Info
Burning Rubber - [fixed] - (Ocean) joystick problems fixed that were introduced with the last update, manual included - Info
Midwinter - [updated] - (Rainbird) RawDIC imager, less OS swaps, save game handling changed to use real files, new install script - Info
Streetfighter - [improved] - (Capcom) trainer added, supports another version, 68000 quitkey - Info
Rock'n Roll - [improved] - (Rainbow Arts) uses less memory, trainer added - Info
Hologon - [improved] - (The Electronic Knights) 68000 quitkey added, made 68000 compatible, less chip memory used - Info - Image
Global Gladiators - [improved] - (Virgin) second/blue button for jump, full joypad controls, trainer added - Info
3D World Boxing - [new] - (Simulmondo) done by CFOU! - Info
News URL:
News Source: WHDLoad
News Source URL:
News posted by: AndreasM

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