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The Amiga Future 145 was released on the July 2nd.

The Amiga Future 145 was released on the July 2nd.
The Amiga Future 145 was released on the July 2nd.

The Amiga Future 145 was released on the July 2nd.
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RetroPlay: New videos online

Published 08.03.2020 - 11:48 by AndreasM

Virtual Dimension writes:

Jim Power # 3: accurate jumping (RetroPlay / Amiga)

The manual must have existed long before the game was finished ... :) Exciting features that we have not (yet) found in the game. There's a bit of jet pack action again and Hagen is on the handle. So ... at the buzzer while Dennis fights his way through the colorful parallax world with cheat and constant fire. Music gets in your ear, and Hagen's finger. But the fact that the big bosses don't explode is extremely unsatisfactory ... Although ... the really nasty are the actual levels. And if it hasn't been difficult enough yet, the game can surely add one more. Courage to fill the gap!

Jim Power # 4: The Quick End of the Devilish Vulkhor (RetroPlay / Amiga)

Welcome to the land of horror. Accurate handling of the joystick is required here. Spot landing or death. Nerve-wracking, and without any nuts! El Lynchos is at a safe distance when aggression builds up with Dennis. One life after the other remain in the spear traps. Only half an hour left? Time for the actual history of the game. And then everything goes quickly ... Conclusion, anyone?

Historyline # 159: Full throttle towards the enemy! (RetroPlay Live / Amiga)

Something completely different in between: while Hagen clears the fronts, Dennis does an unboxing of a still welded-in Amiga classic! "Oldtimer" comes with a hardcover manual and accompanies our profitable strategies. Hagen in top form, the tide seems to be turning and the situation is relaxing. RIP, Transporter - purpose accomplished. We can do it. Nussschen?

Star Trek TNG Flipper (Williams) - Hooray, I'm flying with Picard! (RetroPlay / 5000 subscriber special)

5000 subscribers - time for something special!
We go really retro and introduce you to one of the best pinball machines of the 90s, the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" pinball machine from Williams. We let the (real) balls fly and also take you on a road trip.

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