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The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.

The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.
The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.

The Amiga Future 167 was released on the March 5th.
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New uploads in MorphOS Storage

Published 10.02.2024 - 10:41 by AndreasM

MorphOS Storage is a website that hosts a collection of software for MorphOS and can be visited at the URL -

It contains more than 1750 files archived there, with the options to browse or list in order (ascending/descending/alphanumerically) any of the file's Description, Size, Downloads, Developer/Porter, Category, Comment(s), or Date uploaded, from any of those choices. There is also a search option to find multiple or otherwise difficult to locate file(s).

Associated with each title, where made available by the author, is information text in the form of its ReadMe file, snapshot(s), video(s), the developer's website and an option to offer a donation to the author, or leave a comment about the file.

Any comments can be suggestions about the specific file's functionality and requests for enhancement(s), etc., and also for requests of additional snapshot(s), video(s), internet contact, etc., which are all intended to improve the whole experience, along with feedback for the author and the MorphOS Storage website admin, and of course, other users.

Since our last update the following MorphOS Storage uploads have been added:

Image Jacek Piszczek Image Wayfarer_7.3.lha (MorphOS-update) 34 MB / Feb 09 2024
Image BeWorld Image Protrekkr_2.6.4.lha (Audio/Tracker) 23 MB / Feb 08 2024
Image BeWorld Image fheroes2_1.0.12.lha (Games/Strategy) 6 MB / Feb 07 2024
Image BeWorld Image SDL_2.30.0_Libraries.lha (Dependencies/Library/SDL) 17 MB / Feb 07 2024
Image BeWorld Image SonicMania_1.0.1.lha (Games/Platform) 3 MB / Feb 05 2024
Image Stefan Haubenthal Image MCE_14.60.lha (Games/Editor) 4 MB / Feb 04 2024
Image Michael Rupp Image SonosController_1.3.lha (Devices/Speakers) 2 MB / Feb 04 2024
Image Alfonso Ranieri Image Strange_0.23.lha (Network/Web) 778 KB / Feb 03 2024
News URL:
News Source: MorphOS Storage
News Source URL:
News posted by: AndreasM

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