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The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
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Published 02.02.2019 - 16:24 by AndreasM

Image is a fan page about the good old computer magazines.
Reports from older computer magazines will be published here.

Since our last report the following Publications have been added:

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Play Time 3/92     01.02.2019
Final Fantasy Play Time 3/92     01.02.2019
Space Quest I: Roger Wilco in the Sarien Encounter (Remake) Play Time 3/92     01.02.2019
Conan: The Cimmerian Play Time 3/92     01.02.2019
Rasende Reporter Play Time 3/92     01.02.2019
F-15 Strike Eagle II: Operation Desert Storm Play Time 4/92     01.02.2019
Turn It II Play Time 4/92     01.02.2019
Civilization Play Time 4/92     01.02.2019
Taking of Beverly Hills, The Play Time 4/92     01.02.2019
Rocketeer, The Play Time 4/92     01.02.2019
Pinball Dreams Play Time 4/92     01.02.2019
Corx Play Time 4/92     01.02.2019
Soul Crystal Play Time 4/92     01.02.2019
Projekt Ikarus Play Time 4/92     01.02.2019
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe: P-38 Lightning Tour of Duty Play Time 4/92     01.02.2019
Privateer PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
Starlord PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
Bram Stoker's Dracula (PC) PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
Bloodstone: An Epic Dwarven Tale PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
Front Page Sports: Football Pro PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
NFL Coaches Club Football PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
Take A Break! - Pinball for Windows PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
Malony's PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
Seven Cities of Gold: Commemorative Edition PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
One Step Beyond PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
V for Victory: Gold-Juno-Sword PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
Troddlers PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
When Two Worlds War PC Joker 11/93     30.01.2019
Elder Scrolls, The: Arena ASM 6/94     27.01.2019
Elder Scrolls, The: Arena PC Games 5/94     27.01.2019
Elder Scrolls, The: Arena Play Time 5/94     27.01.2019
Bonn Ouvert PC Joker 11/98     27.01.2019
Rocky Interactive Horror Show PC Joker 11/98     27.01.2019
Apollo 18: The Moon Missions PC Joker 11/98     27.01.2019
Homeworld: Cataclysm PC Joker 11/2000     27.01.2019
Star Trek: New Worlds PC Joker 11/2000     27.01.2019
Crimson Skies PC Joker 11/2000     27.01.2019
Cold Blood PC Joker 11/2000     27.01.2019
Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing PC Joker 11/2000     27.01.2019
Cover: Disco Dan     27.01.2019
Cover: Kether     27.01.2019
Cover: RoboCop versus The Terminator     27.01.2019
Cover: Screen Heroes     27.01.2019
Cover: Snafu     27.01.2019

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