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The Amiga Future 143 will be released on the 5th March.

The Amiga Future 143 will be released on the 5th March.
The Amiga Future 143 will be released on the 5th March.

The Amiga Future 143 will be released on the 5th March.
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Amiga Games Classifying September/Oktober 2002

Published 18.09.2002 - 22:10 by AndreasM

It's time to vote at the AMIGA GAMES CLASSIFYING september/october 2002. We need the classifying of your prefered games actually.

Send us your classifying (20 games max) at our adress:

You can also vote at: [...]
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Weitere Bilder von der O.A.S.E.

Published 18.09.2002 - 19:27 by AndreasM

Auf der Elbox Homepage wurden weitere Bilder von der O.A.S.E. veröffentlicht.

T-DSL 1500 jetzt bundesweit

Published 18.09.2002 - 19:26 by AndreasM

Unter der Bezeichnung T-DSL 1500 bietet die Deutsche Telekom ab sofort auch bundesweit ihre schnelle T-DSL-Variante mit einer Uebertragungsgeschwindigkeit von bis zu 1,5 Megabit pro Sekunde im Downstream und von bis zu 192 Kilobit pro Sekunde im Upstream an. Mit dem normalen T-DSL koennen Telekom-Privatkunden bislang Daten aus dem Internet mit bis zu 768 kbit/s empfangen und mit bis zu 128 kbit/s ins Internet versenden.

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AOG Update

Published 18.09.2002 - 19:25 by AndreasM

Die Amiga Online Games Homepage wurde wieder geupdatet:
  • a new game Empire

Roadmap for Samba 3.0 Published

Published 18.09.2002 - 19:25 by AndreasM

The Samba Team has published a roadmap for releasing Samba 3.0. There's still much to be done. Join the Samba-technical mailing list to take part in development activities. One of the major pieces to be completed is updating documentation.

Test Player Manager 2

Published 18.09.2002 - 19:24 by AndreasM

Auf der AmigaPlus Homepage wurde heute ein Test von Player Manager 2 veröffentlicht. ... ager2.html

Merlancia Industries Statement

Published 18.09.2002 - 19:24 by AndreasM

Merlancia Industries Clarifies Questions Regarding Current Legal Status

To all concerned with recent discussions and/or questions regarding the current legal status of Merlancia Industries and all Merlancia Companies:

Merlancia Industries is still alive and functioning as a private company. The mentioned corporate dissolution on ANN and possible other internet sites has to do with a paperwork error on our behalf. All S class corporations are required by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to file annual repots on inner corporate activities for the purpose of showing that the corporation is still in existence. The purpose of this is to allow the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to 'throw away' any dead companies in their database. [...]
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Unterhaltungselektronik-Verband greift Musikindustrie scharf

Published 18.09.2002 - 09:27 by AndreasM

In einer Rede vor dem Optical Storage Symposium 2002 hat der Vorsitzende des US-Industrieverbandes Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) der Musikindustrie vorgeworfen, sie betreibe eine "Politik der verbrannten Erde".

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Elbox End-runs Poseidons' Author So Not to Pay Licencing...

Published 18.09.2002 - 09:25 by AndreasM

Elbox End-runs Poseidons' Author So Not to Pay Licencing Fee for USB Stack

P96 issue all over again with Elbox and USB??? It seems that the Posedion author (Chris Hodges) was not informed about Spider and how his USB stack would be truly used. Mr. Chris Hodges, who is "rather pissed off" at Elbox, posted a message (via 'mboehmer_e3b') about the history of the Spider + Poseidon project. Here is a section of it:

"2. Never ever Elbox told me (before the Spider announcement) that they were writing a PCI driver for a unique/particular PCI board. I assumed that the driver would be for any generic UHCI or OHCI PCI card. Therefore a OEM licencing scheme was not possible -- there would be no control over the units and therefore licences sold, piracy would have been easy. Therefore, no licencing contract was established." [...]
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BYTES Update erschienen

Published 18.09.2002 - 09:24 by AndreasM

BYTES, ein Programm mit dem man sich anzeigen kann wieviele Bytes von einem Laufwerk belegt sind, ist in der Version 3.6 erschienen und kann von der Support-Homepage geladen werden.