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The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
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AFilter Update erschienen

Published 20.11.2002 - 10:45 by AndreasM

AFilter ist in einer neuen Version erschienen.

  • fixed a bug in the progress bar that caused a guru with files that were smaller than the bar itself
  • the progress bar is now properly drawn for very short files
  • afilter.cfg: added some macros, changed preconfigured filerequester type from REQ to ASL, changed the path to multiview that was specifiy to my system to the standard sys:utilities/multiview
  • more understandable help text output for afilter ? and little better status reports
  • updates and and a little arrangement change in the
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Amiga Inc: Letting the World Know

Published 20.11.2002 - 10:44 by AndreasM

November 19, 2002 - With the AmigaOne now shipping and AmigaOS4.0 in its final stages of development and testing, the time has come to begin letting the rest of the world know the good news, that the Amiga is alive, well and ready to let the World have fun with computing again.

We all know that the current hard core of Amiga users is not enough to build a sustainable and thriving community. We have to appeal to those who, for whatever reason left the Amiga months and years ago but who still retain a fondness for their old platform. Whether disillusioned with their existing offering, looking for a new way or simply wanting to return, the marketing for the reborn Amiga must concentrate itself on these people, the five million or so who once owned an Amiga and who could do so once more.

The last six months has seen us experimenting with presence at various multi-format shows and nurturing relationships with TV, web and paper publications in order to test the waters and to set out our stall for the big push forwards. Even in this informal process, the response has been fantastic, whether in the US, the UK, Europe or Australia. People remember the Amiga and want it back. [...]
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SUBWAY USB erhältlich

Published 20.11.2002 - 10:40 by AndreasM

SUBWAY USB controller for Amiga (clockport version) available !

E3B is pleased to announce the availability of the USB controller SUBWAY, which has been presented the public at the Amiga trade show in Cologne 2001. Unfortunately we were very busy since this trade show with the Zorro USB card HIGHWAY and its networking module NORWAY, but nevertheless we have not forgotten the "small" module SUBWAY. Despite the not very good situation on the Amiga Classic market we haven't stopped further development.

We at E3B believe that Amiga Classic should not drop of the edge of technology, even with the long forecast new hardware platforms rising finally at the horizon. [...]
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Eternity zeigt Tales of Tamar auf der Messe

Published 19.11.2002 - 22:54 by AndreasM

Eternity, die Amiga-Softwareschmiede aus Frechen, wird am Stand von APC&TCP das Online-Strategiespiel Tales of Tamar zeigen. Dabei handelt es sich nicht um ein herkömmliches Spiel der hektischen Art wie es bei sogenannten LAN-Parties gespielt wird, sondern um die etwas "erwachsenere Art" des Spiels. Rundenbasiert wertet der Zentralserver täglich um 12 Uhr die Spielzüge der Mitspieler aus, die per eMail verschickt werden. Auf dem gleichen Weg werden die Ergebnisse auch wieder an die Teilnehmer verteilt. Mehr Informationen über Tales of Tamar finden Sie unter .

Amiga Meeting 2002 in Polen

Published 19.11.2002 - 20:03 by AndreasM

Auf steht:

Thank you to eFUNZINe and X-Soft for helping us organize a great Show. Amiga Meeting 2002 was a big success and pictures and details should be available on We really appreciated the enthusiastic welcome we received in Poland and the unexpectedly large number of developers and future users. Thank you very much for the Polish hospitality! Without question this was the biggest and most well attended show we have had so far. There were many talented developers and sophisticated computer users present. We have decided to return in the Spring of 2003.

Jacek Piszczek and Rafal Sanda will be working with Marcin Staniszewski, the General Manager of our Polish Distributor, eFUNZINe, to establish a Developer Program in Poland and define the Developer Contest for the next Show. [...]
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Amiga Demoscene Archive News

Published 19.11.2002 - 20:02 by AndreasM

Mdw/Encore sent us 14 original Amiga screenshots from his demo Sulaco/Encore. We also added a download link to both the Amiga executable and the divx (very high quality). A.D.A. is searching for people with PPC equipped Amigas to help us provide original Amiga screenshots from PPC demos. If somebody is willing to help us out, please contact z5!

Neue Maßnahmen gegen 0190-Missbrauch vorgeschlagen

Published 19.11.2002 - 16:46 by AndreasM

Die Bundesregierung will nach eigenen Angaben durch weitere Gesetzesänderungen die Bekämpfung des Missbrauchs mit Mehrwehrtdienste-Rufnummern verstärken.

Hier gehts weiter

Amiga Future: Interview Fleecy Moss

Published 19.11.2002 - 16:05 by AndreasM

Auf der Amiga Future Homepage wurde heute im Artikel-Bereich die deutsche Übersetzung des Amiga Source interviews mit Fleecy Moss veröffentlicht. ... ymoss2.php

Cyberdyne Systems Markenstreit beendet

Published 19.11.2002 - 15:47 by AndreasM

Vor einiger Zeit gingen eine ganze Anzahl an Abmahnungen an Amiga-User weil sie angeblich die Marke Cyberdyne Systems unberechtigt benutzt hätten (Meist durch Links).

Auch die Amiga Future wurde abgemahnt.

Den gegen uns angestrebten Prozess verlor jedoch die Gehenseite ganz eindeutig. [...]
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GUI für die Thylacine

Published 19.11.2002 - 15:28 by AndreasM

Auf der Thylacine Homepage wurde eine einfache GUI veröffentlicht mit dem man den USB Stack starten und beenden kann.