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The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.

The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.
The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.

The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.
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ACK: IRC Session, Plots and Dreams

Published 03.05.2007 - 21:32 by Eule

You will find a IRC log from an IRC Session with ACK under this Link.
Some details of the soon be announced High End Amiga System where mentioned.

- Freescale MPC8349 with 1250 MIPS
- 66MHz PCI Slot [...]
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Lemonamiga: Another games update - 111 new games

Published 03.05.2007 - 10:48 by AndreasM

Quite some Polish Amiga games were released back in the late 90s. This update includes some of them. So all you Poles out there, make sure you comment and vote for these games to let the rest of the world know what we have missed and what not! Check out the newly added games! ... 2007-05-02

AmiKit 1.3.3 released

Published 03.05.2007 - 10:48 by AndreasM

AmiKit released in the Version 1.3.3.


The update brings you another exclusive content: more than 100 new DualPNG icons painted by Ken Lester as well as newest Amijeweled 1.2 special demo for AmiKit (by Insane-Software). Check the screenshots! Lots of software has been updated too. As always, get it through the Live Update. [changelog] [...]
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New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 03.05.2007 - 10:47 by AndreasM

wesnoth-devel.lha gam/str 1.3.2 66Mb 02 May 07 ¤ Battle for Wesnoth (development version)
photocrop.lha gra/edi 0.2 225kb 02 May 07 ¤ Crop and Resize images easilly.
fractal.lha gra/mis 0.11 235kb 02 May 07 ¤ A fractal explorer.
pidgin-src.lha net/cha 1.5.0 881kb 02 May 07 ¤ Sources of Pidgin 1.5.0 and related libs for Cygnix
pidgin.lha net/cha 1.5.0 11Mb 02 May 07 ¤ Pidgin 1.5.0 (Gaim) for AmigaOS 4 (Cygnix) [...]
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New Aminet Uploads

Published 03.05.2007 - 10:47 by AndreasM

mc-4.1.40-pre8-bin-m68k.lha 4.1.40-8 dev/gg 35 854K advanced midnight commander
AmigaPower.lha 1.21 docs/hyper 254 64K aMiGa=PoWeR French Amiga Magazine
wesnoth-devel.lha 1.3.2 game/strat 169 66M Battle for Wesnoth (development version)
bastet-0.41-m68k.lha 0.41 game/think 19 50K BAStard TETris (libncurses.ixlibrary)
albert.lha 0.0.1 misc/math 26 374K assistant: study non associative algebra

AROS: Interview with Nick "Kalamatee" Andrews

Published 02.05.2007 - 14:22 by AndreasM

Under the Link you found a Interview with Nick "Kalamatee" Andrews. ... hello.html

New Aminet Uploads

Published 02.05.2007 - 10:10 by AndreasM

CALCArbitray.lha 0.0.1 misc/math 5 522K arbitrary precision integer arithmetic
CMAT.lha 0.0.1 misc/math 5 1.2M An exact arithmetic calculator program
GaloisFieldArithmetic.lha 0.0.2 misc/math 93 1.1M Galois Field Arithmetic Library
Game.mp3 mods/mpg 25 5.6M mp3
AP38Covers.lha pix/misc 0 215K aMiGa=PoWeR n°38 Cover Recto [...]
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Hyperion: Statement on litigation with Amiga Inc.

Published 02.05.2007 - 01:08 by Eule

An official statement according to the litigation with Amiga Inc. has been published on the WWW-sites of Hyperion-Entertainment.

Link to the original text

A major part of the statement warns dealers to distribute any copy or version of AOS4 without the permission of Hyperion VOF and certain third party developers, that will also include any version or copy sold by Amiga .Inc or one of their partners. [...]
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Amiga/Hyperion On-Line Petition - Will you help?

Published 01.05.2007 - 09:48 by AndreasM

Auf steht:

Fans of the Amiga platform

I have created an online petition in the hope that it may make Amiga Inc and Hyperion Entertainment see sense and work together rather than fight each other. [...]
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Africa Update released

Published 01.05.2007 - 09:47 by AndreasM

Africa released in the Version 1.13 for Classic Amiga with AmigaOS 3.0.