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The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.

The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.
The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.

The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.
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Amiga Videos on Youtube

Published 27.08.2023 - 11:58 by AndreasM

Almost every day new videos about the Amiga are published on Youtube.

In this weekly news report we want to list these videos for you.

Of course, this is just a small selection. We don't know all the Youtube channels around the Amiga either. [...]
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Apollo-Computer: Announcement: Invaders avaible next month

Published 27.08.2023 - 01:50 by AndreasM

Apollo Invaders draws its inspiration from the iconic 1978 arcade game. Proudly presented by Apollo Games, this enhanced edition is compatible with both V2 and V4 Apollo Systems, offering a thrilling four-player cooperative experience for endless fun with your friends. Featuring 16-bit audio, precisely positioned audio effects, and high-definition, fluid graphics, it's just one of the many exceptional games available on this platform. With over 101 diverse battle locations to explore, your mission is to eliminate all alien and UFO sightings worldwide. The game is divided into ten distinct zones, and upon successfully clearing each zone, you'll earn a prestigious medal. Upon conquering all levels and defeating the mothership, you'll claim the ultimate medal. Armed with an array of weapons, you can collect unique weapon systems and protective shields by successfully shooting down UFOs. The game offers two difficulty modes, allowing you to enjoy a casual and easy playthrough with friends or challenge yourself with the heroic 'hard' mode. Featuring more than 100 high-resolution, true-color sprites and mesmerizing alpha blending effects, Apollo Invaders promises an immersive gaming experience like no other.

AmiWest 2023 Oct 12th-15th

Published 27.08.2023 - 01:49 by AndreasM

Hello Amiga Community,

AmiWest 2023 is coming fast! Going strong since 1998, this year will be the 26th year of the longest-running Amiga-focused show in the world. Set in Sacramento, CA, the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club and a dedicated group of volunteers host the event.

Kicking off on October 12th is the AmiWest Developer Conference. AmiWest has been hosting a DevCon for about a decade. This is two days of focused learning and sharing from experts worldwide on the latest AmigaOS developments, and this year will be no different. Hosted by Steven Solie, lead developer on the ExecSG team, the DevCon will cover various AmigaOS flavors, discussing topics like debugging, DMA routines, and more. [...]
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Sylpheed 3.7.0 for AmiCygnix available

Published 27.08.2023 - 01:48 by AndreasM

Sylpheed is an email program based on the GTK+ GUI Toolkit. The design and the user interface are similar to many well-known e-mail programs from the Windows world, e.g. Outlook Express.

Why another mailer? Sylpheed has very good support for the IMAP4 protocol, which is only available with a few Amiga mailers. Sylpheed also has other interesting properties.

New in this package: [...]
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Ooze: The Escape - A great 8bit game by Andy Johns and Haplo arrives on the Commodore Amiga

Published 27.08.2023 - 01:47 by AndreasM

Indie Retro News write:

If you have a Commodore Amiga you are going to love this news update that's been sent to us just moments ago by Saberman, as if you remember our previous announcement of Ooze; a game which was released for the ZX Spectrum by Andy Johns and then a later port by Haplo, with concept and art by Andy for the Commodore 64. Then as of today you can play the eagerly awaited Commodore Amiga version, which has also been created by Aldi Pouladi (HAPLO) and Andy Johns! To coincide with this news, as ever Saberman has done a video of the game in action. ... -andy.html

Wayfarer 6.1 released

Published 27.08.2023 - 01:43 by AndreasM

Wayfarer released in the Version 6.1.


Downloads and network cache writes now use asyncio.library [...]
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Apollo-Computer: Coming Soon: 4 Player Joypad Support

Published 27.08.2023 - 01:41 by AndreasM

Our 4 Player USB Joypad Support for the V4 Standalone, Icedrake, Firebird and Manticore is coming soon. There will be a special bundle offering this. Please, keep visiting our shop for more updates!

AMIGA Podcast episode 15 online

Published 27.08.2023 - 01:41 by AndreasM

Episode 15 of the German AMIGA Podcast has been put online.

With Babariana a game for classic Amiga computers has been in development for some time.
It is a mixture of an "overtime game" and a "dark adventure". More interesting information about Babariana "The sins of Klein-Wiesenhain",
Stephan Pförtner alias Makconner revealed to the GAP in a conversation lasting almost an hour. [...]
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Games That Werent: Realms of Darkness

Published 27.08.2023 - 01:40 by AndreasM

Games That Werent write:

Realms of Darkness was billed as a role-playing game for people who hated role-playing games. As well as an isometric Populous-style viewpoint for its RPG features, there would also be a side view approach for combat situations. ... -darkness/

Scorpion Engine 2023.3 released

Published 27.08.2023 - 01:39 by AndreasM

Scorpion Engine released in the Version 2023.3.

Latest update sponsored by BitBeamCannon and, as well as our generous patreon backers.

Support for the RetroAnimator animation toolkit for creating fluid animations. [...]
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