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The Amiga Future 161 was released on the March 5th.

The Amiga Future 161 was released on the March 5th.
The Amiga Future 161 was released on the March 5th.

The Amiga Future 161 was released on the March 5th.
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Greg Donner Page News

Published 26.03.2023 - 18:32 by AndreasM

Greg Donner write:

* ZZ9000 Compendium: The latest (March 24, 2023) firmware and driver release for all ZZ9000-supported Amigas is v1.13.

* Warp 4060: Added good news from Cizar (as of February 15th): 50 FPGAs are on their way to him from Mouser, allowing him to assemble more Warp 1260 and/or Warp 1240 cards. Also added encouraging news from Peter (CS-Lab Discord admin): Official news on the Warp Scandoubler should be coming soon TM. [...]
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Greg Donner Page News

Published 26.03.2023 - 18:32 by AndreasM

Greg Donner write:

Warp 4060: Posted an update to the News/Updates page from Warp Discord admin Peter containing assorted photos and MP4 videos of his visit to CS-Labs.

Blue Thunder/Tidbits: Added a new three-view drawing contributed by Artur Kredovitz. [...]
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Amiga Future: Disk magazine Power-Brei available for download

Published 26.03.2023 - 11:43 by AndreasM

From now on you can download the German disk magazine Power-Brei for free on the Amiga Future webpage.


Unfortunately, issues 7 and 8 are still going. We would be happy if someone could provide us with these two issues. [...]
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AmiSSL 5.8 released

Published 26.03.2023 - 11:22 by AndreasM

AmiSSL released in the Version 5.8.

AmiArcadia Update released

Published 26.03.2023 - 11:13 by AndreasM

AmiArcadia was released in the version 29.37 for AmigaOS 3.5+, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS.

AmiArcadia is a program that emulates the following arcade devices:
  • Emerson Arcadia 2001 console family (Bandai, Emerson, Grandstand, Intervision, Leisure-Vision, Leonardo, MPT-03, Ormatu, Palladium, Poppy, Robdajet, Tele-Fever, Tempest, Tryom, Tunix, etc.) (1982);
  • Interton VC 4000 console family (Acetronic, Fountain, Hanimex, Interton, Prinztronic, Radofin, Rowtron, Voltmace, Waddington, etc.) (c. 1978);
  • Elektor TV Games Computer (1979);
  • PIPBUG-based machines (Electronics Australia 77up2 and 78up5, Signetics Adaptable Board Computer, Eurocard 2650, etc.) (c. 1977-1978);
  • Signetics Instructor 50 trainer (1978);
  • Central Data 2650 computer (1977);
  • Astro Wars, Cat and Mouse, Galaxia, and Laser Battle coin-ops by Zaccaria (1979-1982);
  • Malzak 1 and 2 coin-ops by Kitronix (c. 1980);
  • Chaos 2 computer (1983);
  • Dolphin trainer (1977);
  • PHUNSY computer (c. 1980); and
  • AY-3-8550-based Pong systems (c. 1976)
  • Ravensburg Selbstbaucomputer aka Minimal 2650 Computer trainer (1984).
Some Features:
  • ReAction GUI
  • load/save states
  • windowed and full-screen modes
  • CPU tracing
  • trainer
  • drag and drop support
  • graphics scaling
  • automatic load/save of configuration/game
  • keyboard/joystick/gamepad/paddle/mouse/trackball support
  • autofire
  • turbo mode
  • gameplay recording/playback
  • PAL/NTSC modes
  • sprite demultiplexing
  • help windows
  • source code
  • debugger
  • frame skipping
  • redefinable keys
  • save screenshots (4 supported formats)
  • ARexx port
  • network play
  • real-time monitor
  • locale support
  • game selection sidebar
  • text-to-speech
  • printer output
  • undithering
  • support for ZIPped games
  • clipboard support
  • palette editor
  • tone retuning
  • high score management
  • force feedback
  • sprite editor
  • 3D
Download: [...]
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Virtual dimension: Where the past meets the future

Published 26.03.2023 - 10:56 by AndreasM

35 years of gaming experience, as well as 20 years worth of Internet videos - Virtual Dimension has been dealing with the digital world for many years to report on interesting, as well as, background information. Whether that's the C64, Amiga, PC, Atari or Schneider: Virtual Dimension knows the history of computer gaming and so gives you the chance to glance backwards while at the same time looking forward to the future.

Since our last announcement, Virtual Dimension has now put the following videos online:

Amiga 4000 PPC - Wiederaufbau und Test (Bastel-Ecke) [...]
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Amiga Videos on Youtube

Published 26.03.2023 - 10:56 by AndreasM

Almost every day new videos about the Amiga are published on Youtube.

In this weekly news report we want to list these videos for you.

Of course, this is just a small selection. We don't know all the Youtube channels around the Amiga either. [...]
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AmiBerry 5.6.0 released

Published 25.03.2023 - 12:37 by AndreasM

AmiBerry released in the Version 5.6.0.


Fix "default" button setting not fully enabling CD32 pad mode when CD32 was configured. [...]
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AmiTube 1.4 released

Published 25.03.2023 - 12:35 by AndreasM

A new release of AmiTube is ready. The biggest enhancement is the Search by ID window for easier handling of YouTube URLs.

A second improvement is the self made AREXX Port for AROS which make it possible to send URLs from AmiFox to AmiTube when you are on a Youtube Video page. (all other platforms had it before already)

* Bugfix for Get Original Window when no entry is selected [...]
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New uploads in MorphOS Storage

Published 25.03.2023 - 10:19 by AndreasM

MorphOS Storage is a collection of software for MorphOS and can be found via the URL

It contains more 400 archives, possibilty to class in alphabetic order and by category and search option.

You have access to an info text, readme file, developer website and snapshot and video and possibility to comment software. [...]
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News posted by: AndreasM