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The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.

The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.
The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.

The Amiga Future 164 was released on the September 4th.
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New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 29.06.2007 - 08:52 by AndreasM

dg_midi_player.lha aud/pla 48kb 28 Jun 07 ¤ Simple MIDI player
libgme.lha dev/lib 0.5.2a 283kb 28 Jun 07 ¤ Plays GBS, VGM/VGZ, GYM, SPC and NSF, etc. music
shippy1984.lha gam/act 416kb 28 Jun 07 ¤ A very good and stylish retro shoot 'em up.
r200_ink_level.lha uti/pri 34kb 28 Jun 07 ¤ Epson R200 Ink Level Monitor
dudemo.lha uti/sci 1.5beta 10Mb 28 Jun 07 ¤ Digital Universe Demo

New Aminet Uploads

Published 29.06.2007 - 08:51 by AndreasM

dudemo.lha 1.5beta misc/sci 17 10M Digital Universe Demo
StartBar-ITA.lha StartBar 4.... util/misc 214 139K StartBar italian version fontsensitive

AmigaOS4: Battle of Wesnoth Update released

Published 28.06.2007 - 11:08 by AndreasM

The Version 1.3.4 (Developer Version!) from Battle of Wesnoth are now online. ... -devel.lha

Cubic IDE: Holiday Price

Published 28.06.2007 - 11:07 by AndreasM

For a few days, Cubic IDE is available at a reduced "Holiday Price" (buy Cubic at half price; only while stock lasts).


Published 28.06.2007 - 11:07 by AndreasM write:

New GloRevolution 3 icon set is here after three years.
New in GR3 : DualPNG support,WB backgrounds,Skins...
Relasse date 1-5 07.2007 in the same time you can vist Lorraine-design web page whit new profesional look and more info about GR3 [...]
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New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 28.06.2007 - 11:06 by AndreasM

wesnoth-devel.lha gam/str 1.3.4 79Mb 27 Jun 07 ¤ Battle for Wesnoth (development version)

New Aminet Uploads

Published 28.06.2007 - 11:06 by AndreasM 1.0 dev/misc 8 16K Aids discovery of memory leaks in prgs 0.5.0 dev/misc 59 48M An Integrated Development Environment
R200_Ink_Level.lha driver/print 3 34K Ink level monitor for Epson R200
xando.lha 1.0 game/2play 18 5K XO game for two players
ezaMaze.lha 1.0 game/wb 36 33K Get to the exit of the labyrinth! [...]
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Amiga Inc. vs. Hyperion: New Documents

Published 28.06.2007 - 09:27 by Eule

Some new Documents concerning the courtcase between Amiga Inc. Delaware and Hyperion Entertainment VoF appeared under this links. ... 8/41/0.pdf ... 8/42/0.pdf [...]
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BBRV: Logfile of the IRC Session available

Published 27.06.2007 - 16:56 by Eule

The logfile of the IRC session between BBRV ( Head of Genesi ) and interested users is available in the internet.
Some answeres concerning AOS4 and MOS on Efika where given. Nearly all statements where allready given on theBBRV-Blog or on other media in the WWW.

The original Amiga Team reunion (of sorts)

Published 27.06.2007 - 09:12 by AndreasM

Auf steht:

A sympathetic email of Carl Sassenrath (author of the language REBOL and Manager of AmigaOS and Amiga CDTV system development in years 80-90) informs us that a great part of the original Amiga Team met last week for the marriage of one of his collaborators Dale Luck.

(congrats Dale!) [...]
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