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The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.

The Amiga Future 146 was released on the September 3rd.
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Amiga 500 Rev. 5 EPROM adaptor

Published 24.08.2020 - 20:39 by osz

Retro Ninja has made a layout available in his GitHub repository for a small circuit board that can be used in an Amiga 500 with a revision 5 board. The reason is that the EPROMS used for self-made Kickstart ROMs, for example also for the DiagROM - 27C400 and 27C800 -, do not work without troubles in an Amiga 500 with a revision 5 board. Pin 31 of the EPROM must shouldn't have any contact with the respective contact of the IC socket on the board and has instead to be connected to VCC. Pin 31 on the IC socket, however, must be connected to pin 31 of the EPROM. And yet there are occasionally compatibility problems with the EPROMs used, which can be eliminated with so-called pull-up resistors on the address pins. This little circuit board solves precisely this problem in a very elegant way. The solution is reminiscent of a solution presented by Henry Richter a few years ago, which is much more about combining several Kickstart ROMs on one EPROM and making them mechanically switchable: ... art-eprom/

To the GitHub repository:

Amiga Test Kit Version 1.12 is available

Published 24.08.2020 - 20:16 by osz

The test software for the Amiga called Amiga Test Kit, written by the author of the FlashFloppy firmware, Keir Fraser, is now available in version 1.12. A new feature in this version is a new read test for floppy disks.

Download via GitHub: ... tkit-v1.12

UAE based Amiga virus scanner

Published 23.08.2020 - 19:34 by osz

The GitHub project amiga-uae-virus-scan provides a shell script for Linux and compatible systems which makes it possible to scan Amiga floppy disk images and directories for viruses in cooperation with FS-UAE on a Linux system. It was written along the lines of ADFscan. The following tools are required on the host system: curl, lha, fs-uae and sha256sum.

After executing the script a virtual Amiga hard disk is created and the virus scanner is installed on it. Then the files to be scanned are also copied to the virtual drive and FS-UAE and the scan process are then started. The script downloads some archives from the Internet that are entered in the installer_urls file. Currently these are exclusively archives from the Aminet. At the end you will get the result as output in the shell. Anything that can be processed by CheckX, XAD, and XFD can be scanned.

More detailed information is available in the GitHub repository:

Scorpion Editor: Amiga Game Development Kit for Windows

Published 23.08.2020 - 15:02 by osz

The Scorpion Editor is currently still in an early development phase, but the goal is to create a fast and comfortable game development kit (similar to RedPill) with which Amiga games can be developed directly under Windows and tested in an emulator or later on real hardware. Due to the early development phase, a few errors must still be expected. Furthermore the Scorpion Editor may not work on all Windows versions, Windows 10 is currently recommended. Future updates will be released at short intervals.

Anyone who wants to take a look at the Scorpion Editor can do so via the GitHub repository:

Red Pill 0.8.0 Beta released

Published 23.08.2020 - 13:55 by AndreasM

Red Pill released in the Version 0.8.0 Beta.


-Added action trigger Net Connect to connect to a remote machine and have a multiplayer network game. [...]
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MorphOS: NetFS-revised 3.0 released

Published 23.08.2020 - 13:46 by AndreasM

NetFS is a network filesystem and AREXX ports sharing for MorphOS computers or Amigas.

It supports all MorphOS & Amiga specifics filesystem features, such as protection bits, filenotes and DOS notify.

It features security management through login and password, data exchanges encryption, asynchronous mechanism to avoid locks, 64-bit filesystems handling as well as IECLASS events and MagicBeacon notifications support. Additionnally, AREXX ports can also be shared. [...]
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Revised version of Gnumeric 1.10.17 for AmiCygnix released

Published 23.08.2020 - 13:43 by AndreasM

Gnumeric is a spreadsheet, which is similar to Microsoft Excel and is part of the Gnome Office Suite like the text processor Abiword.

New in this release:

* The program was linked with GTK+ 2.24.32. As a result, drag and drop now works among other things. Content and other things can now be moved with the mouse and much more. [...]
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Go with your Amiga online via a Raspberry Pi

Published 23.08.2020 - 13:18 by osz

This GitHub project has set itself the goal of bringing the Amiga to the internet using any Raspberry Pi and a serial cable (USB to RS-232). The requirement to realise this is of cource an Amiga with at least Kickstart 2.0 and 1 MB RAM. Furthermore you will need a working serial port on the Amiga, as well as the cable described above. In addition, a suitable TCP/IP stack is required on the Amiga side and of course a Raspberry Pi. Then the installation and configuration process on the Raspberry Pi and Amiga side must be followed as described in the GitHub project in order to connect your Amiga to the internet.

Click here for the Amiga-Internet GitHub-Repository:

TAWS 0.34 has been released

Published 23.08.2020 - 12:35 by osz

Behind the abbreviation TAWS hides The Amiga Workbench Simulation[/ i]. As the name suggests, this is a simulation of the Workbench in the web browser. Version 0.34 brings again numerous changes that can be read in detail on the TAWS page. Among other things, however, new themes (AfA One, AROS One and Vampire) have been added, MultiView has been extended with improved support for image formats and functions, Drag'n'Drop has been expanded in the whole system and various extensions to the shell have been made. This is just to give a brief overview of some of the novelties.

TAWS can be found on the official website:

Interview with Bifat / The Electronic Knights

Published 23.08.2020 - 11:28 by AndreasM

By clicking on this link you will be able to read an interview with Bifat / The Electronic Knights.