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The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.

The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.
The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.

The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.
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New Aminet Uploads

Published 26.03.2007 - 12:19 by AndreasM

ADFlib_68k.lha 0.7.11a disk/misc 63 273K Implementation of the Amiga filesystem
AmiArcadia.lha 4.01 misc/emu 841 278K Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emulator
SimpleSamples.lha 2.0 mus/play 94 45K Little musical toy for all the AMIGAs
MemProm.lha 1.0d util/cdity 43 11K Memory promotion commodity
iGame.lha 1.0 util/misc 58 138K WHDLoad frontend [...]
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Hyperion Entertainment VOF and ACube Systems Srl announce st

Published 26.03.2007 - 01:03 by HelmutH

Hyperion Entertainment VOF and ACube Systems Srl are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership following a recent two day meeting of representatives of both companies in Brussels, Belgium.

Within the framework of the partnership ACube will act as a worldwide distributor of Hyperion’s Amiga OS 4.0 operating system for a range of PPC hardware platforms including AmigaOne (MicroA1, SE/XE) and Classic Amiga.

More details regarding the companies’ strategic partnership will be announced shortly. [...]
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New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 25.03.2007 - 10:29 by AndreasM

png_editing_suite.lha gra/edi 1.0 4Mb 24 Mar 07 ¤ A Collection of Tools for Manipulating PNG Images
diskdaisy.lha uti/fil 1.2 47kb 24 Mar 07 ¤ Tool for checking data distribution on a disk
maclikedock.lha uti/wor 1.0 2Mb 24 Mar 07 ¤ A Visually Impressive Program Launcher

New Aminet Uploads

Published 25.03.2007 - 10:29 by AndreasM

playOGG.lha 6.5 mus/play 1586 1.3M multi format sound player.
freetype2_lib.lha 1.3 util/libs 42 508K Shared freetype2.library package
pngalpha_lib.lha 2.0 util/libs 27 82K Load alpha channel from PNG pictures etc.
Installer.lha 43.3 util/misc 351 179K App installation utility, prerelease

New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 24.03.2007 - 13:04 by AndreasM

uqm.lha gam/mis 0.6.2 1Mb 23 Mar 07 ¤ Port of Ur-Quan Masters
piechart_gc.lha lib/rea 52.3 140kb 23 Mar 07 ¤ Gadget class for displaying data distribution
cornerclock.lha uti/mis 1.1 962kb 23 Mar 07 ¤ A Corner Clock Tool for Any Screen

New Aminet Uploads

Published 24.03.2007 - 13:03 by AndreasM

attack.lha 1.0 game/shoot 112 1.6M SpaceInvaders clone done with Hollywood
miwb7.png pix/wb 189 861K nice wb snapshot in my A1200

WHDLoad: New Packages online

Published 24.03.2007 - 12:11 by AndreasM

22.03.07 updated: Voyage (Razor 1911) rewritten, faster, delays added, keyboard fixed, new icons and install script

IOSPIRIT GmbH quits the Amiga market

Published 23.03.2007 - 16:56 by AndreasM

IOSPIRIT GmbH ends its Amiga business on the 1st of April 2007.

In the future, IOSPIRIT GmbH will be focusing solely on its Mac®
products. In order to better serve the needs of that market and to be
able to process incoming orders faster and more efficiently, a [...]
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HOL Updates

Published 23.03.2007 - 11:38 by AndreasM

The HOL Database was updated 200x in the last two weeks.

RekoNet News

Published 23.03.2007 - 11:38 by AndreasM

added some cardsets I overlooked in rekonet group files section