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The Amiga Future 147 was released on the November 4th.

The Amiga Future 147 was released on the November 4th.
The Amiga Future 147 was released on the November 4th.

The Amiga Future 147 was released on the November 4th.
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SView5 Update released

Published 27.12.2007 - 11:29 by AndreasM

SView5 released in the Version 2.37 for Classic Amiga and MorphOS.

New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 27.12.2007 - 11:29 by AndreasM

microwindows.lha uti/mis 0.9 8Mb 26 Dec 07 ¤ modern gfx windowing environments for small device
xhyperoid.lha gam/act 1.2 212kb 26 Dec 07 ¤ Asteroids clone
svgalib.lha dev/lib/gra 1.4.3-5th 3Mb 26 Dec 07 ¤ Low-level graphics library

New Aminet Uploads

Published 27.12.2007 - 11:28 by AndreasM

naim- comm/tcp 47 1.9M AIM / ICQ / IRC Instant Messaging
nano-mos.lha 2.0.7 dev/gg 67 1.8M an enhanced clone of the Pico text editor
TPI-Demo.gz demo/intro 23 102K Demo Effects
IFF-metadata.lha 1.0 docs/misc 33 1K IFF-EXIF/IPTC/XMP Extensions
SView5.lha 2.37 gfx/misc 5409 3.1M SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package [...]
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Music: New MP3 on Psyria webpage

Published 25.12.2007 - 09:39 by AndreasM

And in this year (als old tradition) again, there is at Christmas an exclusive free download!

In the download area you can find the new song, produced with Amiga:

Dream Challenge [...]
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AROS: Xmas update

Published 25.12.2007 - 09:37 by AndreasM

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! It has been an important year for AROS development, profile and diffusion, and we'd really like to thank every AROS fan, tester and contributor for the magnificent results (y)our operating system has gained.

Here are some examples of 2007 AROS "milestones".

January: after years of struggling with shell commands and DOpus actions, copying files became easy with Wanderer drag'n'drop. [...]
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New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 25.12.2007 - 09:36 by AndreasM

dg_midi_player.lha aud/pla 1.4.0 89kb 24 Dec 07 ¤ Simple MIDI player
owb.lha net/bro 52.1 12Mb 24 Dec 07 ¤ OWB - The first (un)complete modern Web Browser
yammi.lha gra/the 0.1 425kb 24 Dec 07 ¤ 32-bit Images and Icons for YAM

New Aminet Uploads

Published 25.12.2007 - 09:36 by AndreasM

mapmasterdx.lha 1.1b dev/misc 176 387K Map editor for 2D game creation
anaiis.lha 0.94 driver/other 716 53K ANAIIS USB Stack Release 0.94
agrEssOr-OUTRO.lha mods/mpg 4 7.1M ..:: tEKKNo tRANCe mUSIc ::..
wordwrap_os4.lha text/misc 6 35K Reformat ASCII texts to new width, V2.3

New WookieChat Beta online

Published 24.12.2007 - 17:49 by AndreasM

A new Betaversion from WookieChat are now online.


- Whoops, forgot to setup a notify on the root tabs. This bug only showed up under button-style tabs mode, so I was blissfully unaware. Thank you Kicko! [...]
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SimpleMail Update released

Published 24.12.2007 - 17:48 by AndreasM

SimpleMail released in the Version 0.32.

ACube: When the myth becomes... mini!

Published 24.12.2007 - 13:11 by AndreasM

Bassano del Grappa - Italy - 23 december 2007: ACube Systems is pleased to announce the availability of MiniMig motherboards based on the famous Dennis van Weeren project (version 1.1).

The fully assembled motherboard will be available mid-january directly from ACube Systems and later from other resellers too. The prices and bundles will be announced in the upcoming days.

The MiniMig features an FPGA re-implementation of the A500 chipset with a real 68000 processor onboard and connectors for real Amiga compatible joystick and mouse as well as a PS2 one and a VGA monitor that accepts 31Khz output. [...]
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