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The Amiga Future 145 was released on the July 2nd.

The Amiga Future 145 was released on the July 2nd.
The Amiga Future 145 was released on the July 2nd.

The Amiga Future 145 was released on the July 2nd.
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New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 12.09.2007 - 12:00 by AndreasM

tunehvl_plug.lha aud/pla 51.5 56kb 11 Sep 07 ¤ HivelyTracker (HVL) / AHX plugin for TuneNet
tunetta_plug.lha aud/pla 51.1 47kb 11 Sep 07 ¤ TTA Plugin for TuneNet
tunewma_plug.lha aud/pla 51.1 108kb 11 Sep 07 ¤ WMA Plugin for TuneNet.
crapgamesvol4.lha gam/mis 1.0 3Mb 11 Sep 07 ¤ Crap Games Vol.4 (Black Star, PentagoSDL, Tennix)
png_icon_editor.lha gra/edi 1.4 8Mb 11 Sep 07 ¤ A Tool for Manipulating PNG Images and Icons [...]
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New Aminet Uploads

Published 12.09.2007 - 12:00 by AndreasM

AmySequencer.lha 0.45 mus/edit 759 318K MIDI sequencer for the AMIGA
EireMOS.lha util/sys 7 1K Ireland country for MorphOS


Published 11.09.2007 - 19:57 by AndreasM

Due to a misunderstanding at the hotel, our Saturday was sold to another

So we're holding the show on Sunday, October 21, 2007 instead. The BANQUET
will be on Saturday night BEFORE THE SHOW. That way, everyone who has new [...]
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Starfighters for free download

Published 11.09.2007 - 12:47 by AndreasM write:

Andy Hawkins, used to run a company called GeoSync Media which produced StarFighter: D'Yammen's Reign, a Wing Commander type game for the Amiga platform. In an effort to combat people who are selling illegal copies and to re-ignite the interest of gamers, Starfighter has been released free of charge... [...]
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MorphOS: muigfx.lib reimplementation (for use with Voyager)

Published 11.09.2007 - 12:46 by AndreasM write:

"muigfx.library" has been removed from MUI beta distributions, thus preventing the Voyager web brower to run. Nicolas 'Henes' Sallin recently reimplemented the library in order to fix this problem.

Download muigfx.lha v1.0 (2,3 kB).

Amiga Inc - Hyperion New PDFs online

Published 11.09.2007 - 12:45 by AndreasM

Genesi: Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi!

Published 11.09.2007 - 12:44 by AndreasM

Genesi is pleased to announce that it has discontinued the sale of the $99 EFIKA 5200B in anticipation of the new EFIKA based on the Freescale MPC5121e which includes the PowerVR MBX 2D/3D graphics engine and audio processing DSP.

The EFIKA 5200B and Open Client models can still be ordered through your local reseller, such as Directron in the USA. [...]
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Amiga Launches 15 Amiga Classic Games for $4.99

Published 11.09.2007 - 12:44 by AndreasM

Issaquah, Wash. - September 10, 2007 - Amiga, the pioneer in computer gaming, announced today that it is partnering with Vulcan Software and eGames to bring 15 Classic Amiga  titles to market, including Final Odyssey, JetPilot, and TV Sports Boxing among others.

"I've been playing Amiga games since I was in college," said Drew Headley, an avid gamer and computer support manager. "It's great to be able to play the classic games again with my son on my Windows PC and getting as much enjoyment out of them now as I did then."

Amiga has been a recognized player in the computer gaming industry since the 1980s and has recently re-introduced their Classic Games for use with Windows PC hardware. By utilizing their relationship with UK game developer Vulcan, casual games developer eGames, and other publishers and developers, Amiga plans to expand their Classic offerings to include several hundred titles available by the end of this year. [...]
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Amiga Demoscene Archive News

Published 11.09.2007 - 12:43 by AndreasM

2 new Demos are online:

Demo: Herb by Polka brothers
Release: July 1995
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Bitplane Editor Nicola Morocutti Joins Cloanto

Published 11.09.2007 - 12:42 by AndreasM

Cloanto Italia srl, Amiga software developers since 1986, announced today that Nicola Morocutti has accepted an offer to join Cloanto's Udine team as a full-time job, with a focus on Amiga-related projects and evangelism.

Like Cloanto, Nicola has remained loyal to the Amiga and its community, supporting it through the most difficult of times and delivering on his promises year after year. In his new position, Nicola will remain the editor of Bitplane, the magazine he co-founded in 2001, and which remains one of only a handful of printed Amiga publications worldwide. Nicola is also a co-organizer of the Pianeta Amiga and Codex Alpe Adria events.

"Nicola adds 20 years of Amiga enthusiasm, experience, integrity and respect to our team. We are very grateful to Nicola and to all those who have supported us over the years and who keep supporting us now. We are working hard to continue to meet their expectations," said Cloanto's Michael C. Battilana. [...]
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