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The Amiga Future 147 will be released on the 5th November.

The Amiga Future 147 will be released on the 5th November.
The Amiga Future 147 will be released on the 5th November.

The Amiga Future 147 will be released on the 5th November.
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New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 25.10.2007 - 12:48 by AndreasM

diskimage_device.lha dri/sto 52.23 143kb 24 Oct 07 ¤ Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)

WookieChat Beta released

Published 24.10.2007 - 11:07 by AndreasM

From WoockieChat released the Beta 19 for Classic Amiga, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS.


- Revamped the server selection window. Two new fields: Nick registration [...]
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ECX Update released

Published 24.10.2007 - 11:06 by AndreasM

ECX, a E-Compiler, released in the Version 1.7.2.

Amiga OS 4.0 for PPC equipped Classic Amigas

Published 24.10.2007 - 11:05 by AndreasM

ACube Systems Srl is pleased to announce the availability, starting from 30 November 2007, of the much awaited Amiga OS 4.0 for PPC equipped Classic Amigas. The Amiga OS 4.0 package including the installation CD, a DD boot floppy disk and a printed quickstart guide of several pages, will be sold directly by ACube Systems and also through local resellers, A compatibility list will be published in the next days on ACube Systems website.

If you are a reseller please contact us at for resellers prices.

We are happy to welcome Classic Amigans in the Amiga OS 4.0 users family. and we would like to thank Hyperion Entertainment for the great job they have done in the past months to bring this new Amiga OS 4.0 version to all Classic owners. [...]
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AmigaOS 4.0 for Classic Amiga to be released November 30th

Published 24.10.2007 - 11:05 by AndreasM

Antwerp, Belgium - 23 October, 2007

As announced this weekend in Sacramento, CA during the Amiwest banquet, Amiga OS 4.0 for classic Amiga's equipped with PowerPC accelerator cards, will start shipping on 30 November 2007.

The version of Amiga OS 4.0 shipping for classic Amiga's is functionally identical to the version already available for AmigaOne hardware and can co-exist with existing Amiga OS 3.x installations in a dual-boot configuration. [...]
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New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 24.10.2007 - 11:05 by AndreasM

flite_device.lha dri/aud 52.3 4Mb 23 Oct 07 ¤ Device API based on the Flite Speech Engine
trdetz.lha emu/uti 0.1b1 21kb 23 Oct 07 ¤ TRD Spectrum utilities

New Aminet Uploads

Published 24.10.2007 - 11:04 by AndreasM

AMOSlist-1998-09.lha dev/amos 1 165K AMOSlist archives for September 1998
AntiGrav.lha 1.01 docs/misc 29 28K Anti_Gravity_Guide
Lifter.mpg 1.01 pix/mpg 75 545K Lifter.mpeg
Drawer-Icons.lha 1.0 pix/picon 19 827K Drawer Icons in PNG MOS Format

New OS4 Depot Uploads

Published 23.10.2007 - 11:37 by AndreasM

flite-ahi-libs.lha dev/lib/aud 1.2 15Mb 22 Oct 07 ¤ F-lite speech synthesis engine (lib archive)
flite_device.lha dri/aud 52.2 8Mb 22 Oct 07 ¤ flite.device (with source code)
amishredder.lha uti/fil 0.1 3kb 22 Oct 07 ¤ Basic file shredder utility

New Aminet Uploads

Published 23.10.2007 - 11:36 by AndreasM

trdetz-mos.lha 0.1b1 misc/emu 2 22K TRD Spectrum utilities
IconBeFast.lha 2.06+ util/boot 1058 122K patch for faster icons & color mapping
T1ManagerM.lha 1.1 util/libs 73 18K T1Manager New Design Mock-Up
LietuvaMOS.lha util/sys 1 1K Lithuania country for MorphOS

New PerfectPaint-Version online

Published 23.10.2007 - 11:35 by AndreasM

A new WIP-Version from PerfectPaint are online: ... 071021.lha