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The Amiga Future 147 will be released on the 4th November.

The Amiga Future 147 will be released on the 4th November.
The Amiga Future 147 will be released on the 4th November.

The Amiga Future 147 will be released on the 4th November.
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AmiBrixx V2.1 available

Published 25.11.2020 - 19:52 by HelmutH

A new version of the puzzle game AmiBrixx has been released.

Changes in this version are:
- Fixed: AmiBrixx did not run on small screens (like Amiga PAL HighRes)
- Some German texts were added to the manual. [...]
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AmigaWiki updates

Published 25.11.2020 - 19:22 by HelmutH

There have been these updates on AmigaWiki:

- floppy disk drive
- Floppy internal
- FloppyFix A1200 AT [...]
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Witch Cleaner 1.50 released

Published 25.11.2020 - 18:54 by HelmutH

Morguesoft has released a new version of Witch Cleaner, a small and simple tool for cleaning the .recycled trash can.

In the new version were
- Bug fixed.
- Cleaning the new cookies from Wayfarer 1.7 is now possible. [...]
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RedPill Beta 0.8.3 released

Published 22.11.2020 - 17:24 by AndreasM

RedPill released in the Version Beta 0.8.3.


-Compiler changed from Amiblitz 2.44 to Amiblitz 3.8. This has some implications: [...]
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More videos for Amiga online

Published 22.11.2020 - 12:34 by AndreasM

On the following links you will find your other Youtube-Video about the Amiga, which were released in the last days:

10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast: Amiga 1000 Adventures - The Apollo Vampire 500 V2 in an Amiga 1000 [...]
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Virtual dimension: Where the past meets the future

Published 22.11.2020 - 12:33 by AndreasM

35 years of gaming experience, as well as 20 years worth of Internet videos - Virtual Dimension has been dealing with the digital world for many years to report on interesting, as well as, background information. Whether that's the C64, Amiga, PC, Atari or Schneider: Virtual Dimension knows the history of computer gaming and so gives you the chance to glance backwards while at the same time looking forward to the future.

Since our last announcement, Virtual Dimension has now put the following videos online:

Tiny Little Slug #5: Bis zum letzten Tropfen (Retro Today XXL/Amiga) [...]
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AGABlaster 68K Update released

Published 21.11.2020 - 19:30 by AndreasM

AGABlaster 68K released in the Version 0.9.81 alpha.


* Changed behavior when player reaches end of video [...]
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Gred Donner Webpage News

Published 21.11.2020 - 19:29 by AndreasM

Warp 4060: As noted by CS Lab, the prototype Warp 4060 (now called the "Warp 3060/4060") is now 'visible'(!) and at least four boards are being assembled, presumably for beta testers.

The new "Warp CDTV-60" (a Warp '060 accelerator for the CDTV) is also functional with at least four boards in assembly for beta testing.

Photos of both these boards (from CS Lab's Facebook page) are in the newly-added Images page for those of us who aren't on Facebook. [...]
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WHDLoad: New packets online

Published 21.11.2020 - 11:18 by AndreasM

WHDLoad is a program for loading disk games and demos installed on a hard-disk.

Thus, you need the so-called install packs and the original disks.

The install packs can be downloaded here: [...]
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News URL:
News Source: WHDLoad
News Source URL:
News posted by: AndreasM

New uploads in MorphOS Storage

Published 21.11.2020 - 11:18 by AndreasM

MorphOS Storage is a collection of software for MorphOS and can be found via the URL

It contains more than 400 archives, with the options to sort alphabetically or by category, and there is a search option.

You gain access to information summary text, ReadMe file, often links to its developer website and snapshot(s) and video(s) and you can also leave a comment associated to the specific software. [...]
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News URL:
News Source: MorphOS Storage
News Source URL:
News posted by: AndreasM