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The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.

The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.
The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.

The Amiga Future 141 was released on the November 5th.
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ADF-Copy Graph Explanation

Published 25.11.2019 - 23:43 by AndreasM

Dominik Tonn write:

I did a short explantion for the graph that shows in the App when reading a disk.

The graph in the ADF-Copy App shows a summary of the flux transistions of each track. The time between each flux transition is measured and counted. Then the count is plotted in the graph according to how often a time was measured, from dark to bright. The data on a disk is stored in mfm encoding, which uses 4, 6 and 8 µS transitions for double density recordings. Therefore the three bands. [...]
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ADF-Copy App 1.020 with OSX support

Published 25.11.2019 - 23:39 by AndreasM

Dominik Tonn write:

I updated the ADF-Copy App to work with Mac OSX.
Thanks for the help @ Chris
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Amiga Future search editors and translators

Published 25.11.2019 - 16:10 by AndreasM

We are looking for assistance for the Amiga Future magazine.

We are looking for an editor must have sufficient experience in the user area with the Amiga.

Interest? Get in touch with the Amiga Future editors. [...]
Read complete news Die Amiga-Story

Published 25.11.2019 - 03:07 by osz recently published an article about the Amiga and its history. If you are looking for some reading material for a cool and probably gray Sunday, you might find something interesting to read here.

"Die Amiga Story" on ... iga-story/

Cubic IDE is currently on special offer

Published 24.11.2019 - 12:54 by osz

Cubic IDE is on sale until November 29th. Cubic IDE integrates common C/C ++ compilers such as SAS/C, vbcc, gcc and StormC 3 in its own development environment and brings a huge range of functionality. The central component of the development environment is the well-known editor GoldED. Instead of the original price of €29.90 the development environment for AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9 and MorphOS 1.4 is currently available on a special offer for a the half of the price: €14.95.

The correct functioning on operating systems newer than AmigaOS 3.9 and MorphOS 1.4 has not been tested and is not beeing covered by the warranty. But there is a demo version available for download with which the program can be tested. Cubic IDE requires at least a 68020 CPU, 4 to 8 MB RAM for the runtime and about 64 MB of free RAM for compiling (depending on project scope) and 4 MB (minimum installation) up to 650 MB of free hard disk space. It also requires a minimum resolution of 800x600 pixels.

For more information refer to the the Cubic IDE website: ... index.html

Amigos Amiga Podcast: New Videos online

Published 24.11.2019 - 10:31 by AndreasM

Amigos Amiga Podcast release follow new Videos:

Dick Smith System 80 Computer - Convoy and Outhouse - ARG Presents 93 [...]
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Podcast Episode #78 - Creating a New Mechanical Amiga Keyboard with Liwei Guan

Published 23.11.2019 - 14:00 by AndreasM

The Micronics is hard at work creating a new mechanical keyboard for the Amiga 500, 600, and 1200, and Liwei Guan is the person making it all happen. AJ and Joerg talk to her about how she got involved in the Amiga community, the logistics of creating a new keyboard, and the unique directions she's taking to get this done. (Interview begins at 10:19) ... iwei-guan/

"Multitheme #1" freely released for Ask Me Up XXL

Published 23.11.2019 - 13:57 by AndreasM

The Multitheme #1 add-on, which includes 400 new questions, is now freely downloadable from our website. Intended for Ask Me Up XXL buyers, the game offers you for FREE 2000 questions of general knowledge for your AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and Windows computers!

"Who published the game 'Zool' ?", "How many genes do humans and sea urchins have in common?", "Where was the singer Mika born?", "Who fights against Bruce Willis in the movie 'Die Hard' ?"... are some of the questions to which you will now have the answers! Ideal to show off in society evenings! ;-)

The add-on is available in French, English and Spanish. [...]
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New uploads in OS4 Depot

Published 23.11.2019 - 10:39 by AndreasM

The OS4 Depot is a collection of software for the AmigaOS 4 and can be found via the URL .

With more than 3,000 files, it should now be the largest collection of software titles for the AmigaOS 4.

As in Aminet, the software is usually released by the programmers themselves and can download it for free. [...]
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News posted by: AndreasM

WHDLoad: New packets online

Published 23.11.2019 - 10:39 by AndreasM

WHDLoad is a program for using disk games and demos installed on harddisk.

Therefor you need so called install packs and the original disks.

The install packs can be downloaded here: kostenlos geladen werden. [...]
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News Source: WHDLoad
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News posted by: AndreasM