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The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.

The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.
The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.

The Amiga Future 149 was released on the March 3rd.
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Raspberry Pi 4/400 edition of AmiKit XE released

Published 02.04.2021 - 21:01 by AndreasM

The long awaited Raspberry Pi 4/400 edition of AmiKit XE has finally been released. It's provided on a bootable all-in-one image to go straight to your own 16GB+ microSD card, USB3 Flash Stick or SSD.

Many things have been updated, enhanced and polished, including visual design - the default desktop is in FullHD 1080p resolution now. AmiKit includes native RabbitHole too so you can use all the modern Linux applications on your Amiga desktop.

With regards to the emulation speed, AmiKit on a regular Raspberry Pi 400 achieves approx. 800 MIPS. With overclocking it's even faster. [...]
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Help wanted for VirusZ and xvs.library

Published 31.03.2021 - 12:01 by osz

Help wanted for VirusZ and xvs.library

George Wittmann (formerly Hörmann) would like to make the source code of VirusZ and the xvs.library freely accessible as open source and asks for help from users of all new generation Amiga systems of the newer generation. As Georg writes in Aminet, he has done absolutely nothing on his Amiga for 15 years, but during that time he was asked again and again whether he would like to take the step that he has now decided to take.

Before that happens, VirusZ and the xvs.library for AmigaOS 4.x, AROS and MorphOS should be cleaned up and prepared. However, since he does not have any of these systems, he asks to run a small tool called MAA4SIC on the respective systems, which collects information about the users system. The output can be redirected to a file that should be sent manually to Georg via email. The email address can be found on Aminet, in the corresponding description of MAA4SIC:

King's Valley remake for the Amiga

Published 31.03.2021 - 11:47 by osz

No plans for the Easter holidays?

MA Software has created a remake, programmed in Blitz Basic, of the Konami classic King's Valley, published in 1985 for the MSX system and MS DOS, for the Amiga. The game belongs to the puzzle platformer genre.

The player the adventurer Vick through the maze of a pyramid, who is always on the lookout for hostile mummies and in search of jewels. He collects extras with which he can temporarily turn off his opponents but mummies are creepy stubborn, because they appear back after a short time. Thanks to the tools we can collect, our adventurer can dig his way through the maze to move forward. But be careful: Vick cannot always jump with full hands when danger threatens. The level is over, when the last jewel has been collected, then Vick can disappear through a door. There are a total of 15 pyramids to explore. [...]
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Amiga Future monthly News March 2021

Published 30.03.2021 - 10:46 by AndreasM

Amiga Future issue 149 released

The English and German issue 149 (March/April 2021) of the print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed today, and can also be ordered directly from the editorial office of Amiga Future, and the other Amiga dealers that stock the magazine. [...]
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Enhancer Software Release 2 was released for Amiga OS4

Published 29.03.2021 - 12:56 by Amiga_4000

Enhancer Software Release 2 was released for Amiga OS4

The Enhancer Software is a collection of utilities, commodities, classes, datatypes and libraries with the aim of enhancing the Amiga system software experience.
It is distibuted both as a digital download from AMIStore App Store and Updater tool. It is also available as a boxed CD.
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Amiga Mouse Switch: An automatic mouse-/joystick-switch

Published 29.03.2021 - 10:43 by osz

The GitHub user Tebl recently published his solution for an automatic switch between a joystick and a mouse in his GitHub repository. Tebl describes the problem that many of us will be familiar with: You want to play a game with two people, but the mouse is often required in the first port during the boot process so that you can only change the plug later, after the boot process. If you then want to start another game with two players, the mess of cables starts all over again.

His approach provides for an adapter connected to port 1, to which the joystick and mouse are connected. The respective device is activated when the joystick or mouse button is pressed. No more mess of cables, it's that simple. The case is also elegantly resolved, provided that one can speak of a case here. An extra circuit board is manufactured in the same size, but without any conductor tracks, which is then fixed over the electronic components using nylon screws, nuts and spacers.

You can find the detailed and illustrated GitHub repository here:

Super Delivery Boy is making progress

Published 28.03.2021 - 21:03 by osz

For some time now there has been a new Amiga game to be admired on, which is still under development, and Neeso Games, the developer of this game, allows everyone to participate in its progress. The title is called Super Delivery Boy. This platformer game is developed with the Scorpion Engine with pretty cute graphics that are a bit reminiscent of the Nintendo world and have a Japanese touch.

The game itself should run on an Amiga 500 with 1 MB RAM, but a slightly faster or accelerated Amiga is recommended.

A new version has been published yesterday (March 27, 2021), which contains many innovations, but of course also numerous bugs, because the game is still in development, as mentioned. More about the progress on the page. If you like, you can support the author there with a small, self-chosen donation and thus promote the development of the game. [...]
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OS4: Enhancer Software 2.0 released

Published 28.03.2021 - 20:31 by osz

The Enhancer software is a collection of utilities, commodities, classes, datatypes and libraries that extends the AmigaOS 4 with numerous functionalities and whose aim is to improve the AmigaOS 4 experience. The distribution published by A-EON Technology is available either in the so-called boxed edition on a CD or digitally via the AMIStore App Store or the Updater tool.

There are many bug fixes and optimizations in the currently released version 2.0, but there are also numerous new additions, including libraries, commodities, commands, data types and utilities. A precise list would go beyond the scope of a short news posting at this point, so we refer to the release notes in the associated forum post (see link below).

Further information is available on the Enhancer Softeware wiki page: [...]
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ignition ods-addon V0.34 released

Published 28.03.2021 - 13:39 by HelmutH

26.03.2021 Ignition ODS-Addon V0.34
The ODS addon also revised Achim to support the new feature. The extension can be used to load and store and save and save loads in OpenDocument Format, et al. In LibreOffice / OpenOffice Calc.

Changes in IGN-ODS-Addon 0.34:
- Fashion and PI () are now supported [...]
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ignition V1.10 published

Published 28.03.2021 - 13:29 by HelmutH

26.03.2021 Ignition V1.10 published
Achim has worked hard again.
Here is a list of changes:

- Can now print PDFs with a special printing unit (see FAQ in the Instructions). [...]
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