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The Amiga Future 161 was released on the March 5th.

The Amiga Future 161 was released on the March 5th.
The Amiga Future 161 was released on the March 5th.

The Amiga Future 161 was released on the March 5th.
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CygnusED Webpage

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CygnusED Webpage

Post by AndreasM »

Neue CygnusED Webpage online

Seit kurzem ist die neue CygnusED Webpage unter der neuen URL online.

CygnusED wurde von Olaf Barthel programmiert und ist einer der bekanntesten Texteditoren für den Amiga.

Wenn auch langsam, geht die Entwicklung an dem Programm stetig weiter.

Wir würden gerne von Euch wissen, welche Features ihr Euch für zukünftige Versionen von CygnusED wünscht.

Schreibt Eure Vorschläge bitte in das Support-Forum von CygnusED, damit wir auch später darauf Zugriff haben können.

Vor wenigen Tagen wurde übrigens der TCP/IP-Stack Roadshow veröffentlicht, der ebenfalls von Olaf Barthel stammt.

The new CygnusED webpage is online

The CygnusED Webpage is online via a new URL -

CygnusED is currently produced by Olaf Barthel and is one of the most popular text editors for the Amiga.

Albeit slowly, the development of the program is still continuing.

We'd like to get your opinion & thoughts as to what features you'd wish for future versions of CygnusEd.

Please let us know your ideas by writing to us in the support forum of CygnusEd's new webpages so that we can consider supporting them for the program's future releases.

Incidentally, a few days ago the FULL VERSION of the TCP/IP stack ROADSHOW was published which is also developed by Olaf Barthel.
Andreas Magerl
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Grade reingestolpert
Grade reingestolpert
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Feature suggestions

Post by bubbob42 »


being used to modern editors like Notepad++, the things I miss in CygnusED are:

- Syntax highlighting (most missed feature, even SED can do this!)
- Code folding (check how Notepad++ implements this)
- The ability to split the window vertically

Also, in its current state the program seems slightly overpriced. Yes, there is that superfast scrolling we cherish since the 80s, but it's an editor, after all.

Best regards,

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